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What is the
Fish Network ?

The Fish Network is a place for Anglers to share their experience and expertise with other Anglers. It is a place to post and brag about your catches, as well as a place to obtain detailed information about fishing spots and fishing times to help you to improve your catches. It starts with keeping a log and then publishing any part of the log for other Anglers to review.


What Can You Do on Your Fish Netork Web Page?

  1. Plan your Fishing Trips
  2. Log your Catches
  3. Post Pictures
  4. Track Successes
  5. Communicate with other Anglers
  6. View and Input from a Smartphone
  7. Print Records
  8. Print Certificates
  9. Hold Tournaments
  10. Find Fishing Spots
  11. Evaluate Lures, Baits and Rigs
  12. Analyze Tide Tables and Solunars


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